• In this final issue, what time displaced-hero has arrived on our world—and is the destruction he brings the herald to a great disaster?

Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Jesús Saíz
Cover by Jesús Merino

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Time displaces hero…Booster Gold? Rip Hunter? Wally West?;) as long as it’s not someone massively stupid i’ll get this. Bedard can write a book and Jesus Saiz is great.

    • Apparently, it’s someone named Beowulf who appears in the Amethyst New 52 series.

    • Oohh, neat. That was actually a cool story, that said i suspect a bunch of people are going to be disappointed:)

    • For some reason, I thought it was going to be somebody from the Crisis. Kinda bummed when it turned out to be Beowulf, I had such high hopes.

      I liked the parts of the Beowulf story I read in Sword of Sorcery, but it wasn’t enough to make me keep buying that book, and it wasn’t enough to get me to pick this issue up.

  2. Could be worth picking up.

  3. I love time travel stuff.

  4. I wonder if he’s related to Steppenwolf.

  5. Left it on the shelf Just not interested.

  6. Yeah, this wasn’t very good. Not really into Beowolf.

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