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The awe-inspiring history of the DC Universe rages on. In this second installment, the exploits of the mystery men and emerging heroes of the mid-century inspire the everyday populace to fight crime. Groups like the Justice Society of America encourage regular citizens to action: Meet the Newsboy Legion and more! Meanwhile, the Seven Soldiers of Victory join together against a seriously unusual enemy! Join writer Len Wein (SWAMP THING, Incredible Hulk), fan-favorite Andy Kubert (BATMAN, X-Men), his father, legendary artist Joe Kubert (SGT. ROCK) Scott Kolins, (FLASH) and J.H. Williams III (DETECTIVE COMICS, PROMETHEA) as they redefine the DCU’s epic history in this 10-issue event!

Written by LEN WEIN
Variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I love the historical progression of this series.  The art and story are a ton of fun.  Just confirming why I like JSA so much.

  2. Last issue was fantastic. I’m very excited for this one. Hope it can maintain the energy.

  3. i’m trade waiting this, but feel like i might break because it looks so awesome.

  4. Loving this. Hawkman is one of my favs, can’t wait.

  5. For me, this series is like a history lesson on the DCU(atleast as far as being exposed to the older, classic characters), which I’m pretty unfamiliar with as a whole, so I eagerly await each of these issues.

  6. Kinda feels like DC’s version of Marvels Project.  Sure, I’ll give it another shot.

  7. I didn’t pick up Marvels Project.  It seemed to be confined to a more condensed time period though, wasn’t it?  Whereas DCU Legacies seems supposedly,over the course of the series, to cover a larger time-span?  I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something?

    I was curious about Marvels Project and loved the art/covers, but just never committed to it.  Should I pick it up in trade, knowing I’m into this DC series?  I’m not  necessarily self-proclaimed biased to one publisher or the other.

  8. @jwaesch – If you love super-hero stories set in the 30’s-40’s and don’t mind getting caught up in Marvel continuity, then you’ll enjoy Marvels Project …especially if you liked the Brubaker’s Captain America circa #47-50.

  9. I think this might have been better than the first issue.  I loved the "cofeature".

  10. This was a great issue. I’m loving everything about it. Just an awesome book. And the Co-Feature was awesome. JH Williams is a god among artists. 5/5 for me and my POTW.


  11. God damn I love this book.

  12. @ PraxJarvin — the JH Williams thing was spectacular!  I enjoy the main story too, but the back up story was one of the coolest things I’ve ever read. Hyperbolae aside, it was like condensed brilliance.  

  13. So, the history of the DCU is old-timey street gangs talking & having fist fights?
    The main story story was boring as hell, & the back-up was completely pointless (even though the art was nice). Don’t know if I’ll continue with this …

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