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  1. I would definitely buy this as a one-shot, if only because I like Raven from the cartoon.

    But 5 issues is a bit much — i’ll be looking to see if this sounds good, though. 

  2. Odd. I wonder why this wasn’t simply called Raven: Year One. That seems to be what this is essentially. Raven is long past high school at this point. No matter though, I love the Titans and this Marv Wolfman were talking about!

  3. I think maybe the reincarnated Raven is younger?  I’m not clear if this is set in continuity or if it’s a Year One.

  4. first off in teen titan raven was going to high school at one point in this run. she grow her hair out and had wonder girl take her shopping.  so this is place now.


    but my real problem with is book is that this ia a emo serie and the coloring is really bright.


  5. I’m not a fan of the art in this book at all… It looks like a badly drawn archie book. the premise looks interesting though.

  6. No deep thoughts, and I don’t even pretend to know Titans continuity — but I liked it.

    It kind of felt like Marv wanted to write an episode of "Buffy."

  7. Like most of you I found this comic to be confusing. From the best that I can tell, this story takes place sometime after Infinite Crisis and is following the now young Raven find her way. The problem is is that is not all that clear, at least as much as it should be. 

     When Geoff Johns brought her back the pages of Teen Titans she was now in a younger body and looking to find her place in this new world, that should be a good place to start this series, but instead we are shown a dream sequence and then following Raven in high school. Some more background on her would have been great. I have read almost every Titans book out there and I was forgetting about when and how Raven returned. I can only imagine how difficult that would be for a new reader, or someone only familiar with the Raven from the cartoon. 

     I love the Wolfman/Perez run of Teen Titans, but I have not much cared for stuff written by Wolfman from the last few years and this looks to no exception. I’ll give it a chance as I love the titans, but I just found the first issue too clumsy and unwieldy, even for a Titans fan.  

  8. I didn’t get a good look at the book upon purchase.  When I got home I saw it said right on the cover "Finally in her own emo series."  I cringed a little.  I still wanted to give it a try.  This first issue was very disjointed and was a little hard to follow (not knowing much of Raven’s history).  The art was good.  Not all around good, maybe a little more structured and I could get down with it.  I’ll give the second issue a chance.

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