DC Retroactive is an exciting event honoring the defining eras of DC’s core heroes, featuring an original story by the legendary writers and artists who helped mold the characters! The 1970s were a time of spacefaring thrills for the Emerald Knight!

Now, writer Dennis O’Neil returns to the character for a brand-new epic starring Hal Jordan!

Plus: Following the 26-page lead story is a classic tale originally published in the ’70s, also written by Dennis O’Neil!

Written by DENNIS O'NEIL
Art and cover by MIKE GRELL

Price: $4.99
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  1. Anyone heard much about this one?  I enjoyed the Batman one last week…

  2. Haven’t heard anything. Yeah the batman was awesome, but the ww and flash were meh. Maybe flip through it first before you blow $8

  3. My bad, it’s only $4 so no worries then

  4. It has that back up story with the old black dude yelling at Hal.  I’ve seen that a million times but have never read it.  Now I will check it out.  Some folks say it captures the 70s really well, others say it’s too liberally and preachy ala Judd Winnick I guess.  I’ll read it for myself and see.

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