Reprinting issues #3-4 of the original miniseries!

Pursued by agents of his own country who want to “draft” him into service, Clark has one overriding concern beyond his own freedom: The safety and security of his wife and children!

Written by KURT BUSIEK
Art and cover by STUART IMMONEN

Price: $7.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. If you’re reading this for the first time and it isn’t your pick of the week, you’ve found some comics that are pretty bloody amazing.

  2. *the art


  3. I hope this means the trade will finally get reprinted.

  4. My favorite Superman story of all time. Yes, including Kingdom Come.

    • Including “All-Star Superman”?

    • Even All Star Superman.

      Superman, as a character, is tough for me to enjoy just because he’s, well, super at everything. In my opinion, Busiek’s greatest strength is writing relatable characters. By the end of the first issue of Secret Identity, I felt like I understood this Superman and could relate to him on a personal level. Morrison’s take in All Star is more paternalistic and while interesting, I’ve seen that before.

    • That’s fair. I do like the “god like” figure of superman though. As in, he is all powerful physically, but also loves everyone and feels bad.

  5. This comic is amazing. I bought the collected version years ago, and it still rings with me to this day. That’s saying something, considering the amount of comics I’ve read since that time.

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