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Written by GABRIEL B

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  1. Yes please.

  2. Going to miss this series. But at least I can look forward to them on Casanova and Umbrella Academy

  3. Had to switch LCS because the old one didn’t order starting here. Heh.

  4. I thought this was kind of crappy. It was a bit too meandering and unanchored (like a dream!) to hold my interest. I’m gonna have to give it a reread later and see if my feelings change. 1/5

  5. LOL I watched "INCEPTION" a day before i reading this…

    Another beautiful issue, I’m dying to see what the ultimate resolution (if there is any) to this series will be in the final issue. This really felt to me like it could have been the cap to the series on its own 

  6. I think this is the first issue that I have really connected with. So far I haven’t really seen the point of Daytripper, but this issue takes a bit of a detour from the usual and expected structure and for that it is a surprise and all the more moving.

     If anything this would have been the perfect cap off to the series although – I think this gives us a good idea of how there could in fact be a way all these stories can tie around one element. 

  7. I N C E P T I O N

  8. …wow. This was beautiful. It pulled in bits and pieces from the earlier issues. This was brilliant.

  9. This whole series has had some of the most evocative covers. So beautiful.

    I’ll miss this after the last issue. Definitely was one to buy in single issues rather than trade. 

  10. Such a great book! But if you’re reading it, you don’t need me to tell you that. This issue was a bit different, but I still loved it nonetheless. It’s going to be bittersweet when the series is over. Agree that the individual issues is the way to go with this book. Will probably still buy the paperback though.

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