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When life takes us by surprise and makes everyone want to close their eyes, Br

Written by GABRIEL B

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. …I…I don’t know why I’m reading this anymore.

  2. Because it is good.

  3. The format isn’t working for me. They introduced some legitimately interesting characters in the first issue who I wanted to read more of – this alternate universe every issue gives us, essentially, a new cast to meet and empathize with. It’s like a #1 issue, every month. And I loved the first one. It’s just my enthusiasm has been dropping with each issue after.

  4. Seems valid.

    Don’t buy this one.

  5. IDK… I thought the same thing after issue 2 and wondered if my interest would wane by the time this thing was getting farther along, but I’m still enjoying each issue as much as the last. 


    You’re right. I should just cut the cord. There’s always back issues if I regret it.

  7. No, you are five issues away from finishing it.

    Think positive.

    Buy the hardcover if the reviews interest you or you feel regret.

  8. Every time I wonder why I do buy this then I open it up and feel good inside that I did. The art and colors are wonderful and make me feel things that a lot of comics don’t.

  9. Whoa. I could’ve swore it was 8 issues. Good points. I’ll catch it on the flipside.

  10. Have I done a horrible thing . . . ?

  11. Good job. Lost another reader. Now they’re going to cancel the book before we get to 10.

  12. . . .

  13. Are you seriously responding to your own post? What the hell??

  14. AmirCat gave me an interesting idea for a project.

    I think next week I’m going to comment on every book on the pull list.

    He got me thinking about the impulse to make a comment on every book I pull.

    Now, I don’t usually do that, but sometimes I feel the desire to even when I have nothing to say.

    And there are so many lonely books in this list.

  15. @Amircat: i thought that was funny. Drake’s just a big whiney bitch. 

    @Drake: 🙂

    @Ottobot: It looks like we agree again, mate. I dropped this with the last issue. Just don’t care anymore, Think about the book with some critical measure, does it seem like a smart idea to write a ten issue series where the main character dies every issue? Nope

    @Everyone else: I’m goning to be the first to say this but i found the art in this to be a huge let down after Umbrella Academy. Ba’s individual works has a great clear stylistic energy where this is just muddy lose… meh!

  16. @ScorpionMasada – You should do that. It helps the site and the comic books because it helps their page ranking on search engines.

  17. @Edward- Oh you scamp. I hate you so so much. 🙂

  18. someone will die? dammit!

  19. I like the art but it does get muddy sometimes. Especially the faces.

    I know this taking me somewhere, I just know it is.

  20. By the sounds of things, I’m glad I dropped this after #1

  21. SPOILER ALERT: He dies at the end.

  22. This book is just fine.  If it doesn’t make your cut, read something else.

  23. You might have made the worst literary purchase mistake of your life, deadspace.

  24. I doubt it.

  25. Your doubt is what got you into this mess in the first place.

  26. How is this book so good? Every issue has been a 5. I’m sad that were at issue 6, because that means we only get 4 more…:[

  27. When this book is finished, I’ll need to go back and reread all of it to have it make sense to me. The writing is great, but the story hasn’t made any sense since the first or second issue. 

  28. Are they going to get to the point of this series soon? Or will it just be 10 issues of Bras dying in different ways at different ages? Which seems quite pointless and confusing to me. It makes no sense.

  29. The themes are issue by issue and a bit redundant at times.

    Jorge stated the theme of this issue.

    This was good but my least favorite of the six.

  30. Great issue. 5/5 like usual. Just a solid reading experience.

    @deadspace You really should have picked this up. 

  31. 5/5. Good good good. and hot Brazilian broads to boot.

  32. This is just a clinic in story telling. I love the art, love the story, and I think when this is done this will be one of those books you can hand to people who don’t read comics.

  33. @vinh: it’s one and dones with very slight continuity, so don’t bother much.

    @deadspace: you can’t say that unless you’ve tried it again. I challenge you, get #3. If you don’t like it, I’ll leave iFanboy.


    This book is not about  death, it about what we do in life. Poetic Irony in graphic form.

    They made sense of every extra character from the airport. Win. 

  34. Good point on the use of the characters from the airport. I may have to reevaluate my rating.

  35. The trade…? God, I can’t imagine reading all ten of these chapters in a sitting. "First he dies, and then he dies. Then he dies. After that, he dies. Then he dies in childhood. Then I die, because reading this book made me kill myself."

  36. @Jimski – I think you’re onto something … chapter 10 is the reader killing him/herself!

  37. @Amircat – you mean that’s the twist?

  38. @Nathan – I totally agree with you man. This series has been phenomenal imho. A fantastic reading experience.

  39. @hittstick,Jimski : I think this is one of those minis that are not meant to be a GN.

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