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A great writer once said that we have to die to prove that we’ve lived. For nine beautiful issues, B

Written by GABRIEL B

Price: $2.99
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  1. This has been an awesome series with maybe two issues not completely working for me.

    I hope they release a hardcover collection, cuz I’ll be all over it.

  2. I don’t usually buy trades of comic books I already have, but this will be awesome in hardcover. Anything Ba and Moon do in the future, I’m on board with.

  3. I am sadder about it ending then I have been whilst reading it.

  4. A definite double dip book.  Bye Brás.  It’s been good.

  5. Agreed everyone! But as far as I’ve seen it only has TPB solicits thus far…Really love this book. Wasn’t crazy about the issue where his father was in the hospital (#4 I think?) and the one where his friend ran off to that island was a bit weird (#7 I think…). Everything else has been absolutely phenomenal!

  6. If they don’t release a hardcover, I won’t buy it.

    I waited for I Kill Giants and got it. It better happen for this book as well.

  7. The end is here, and I think I’m ready for it.

  8. Great book at a great price.  I don’t agree with you all about it being better in book form.  If it was an ongoing saga, then yes.  but each issue begins and ends.    Really no advantage to have it all there in one big book.  Dave Stevens’s coloring is what put it over the top. 

  9. I think it had its flaws (a little too melodramatic and overblown at times), but overall this was a tremendous first writing effort from these guys. And the art was of course awesome.

    I had been looking forward to buying the collection (not out till Feb ’11??), but I think the month break between single issues worked well. It’s kind of repetitive to read back to back to back.

    I guess it’s off to Casanova Vol 3 for one/both of these guys now?

  10. Very excited for this issue. 

  11. Thinking about it now, I don’t think I could read this straight through in trade. I’ve liked the done in one single issue experience with this one. If I had the trade I would still maybe just read it a couple of issues at a time.

  12. moment of silence..




  13. @froggulper- It’s not their first effort. They did a little book called URSULA and a anthology of short stories called DE:TALES.

     I checked the DC blog and saw that a hardcover edition IS coming out. Planned for a Srping 2011 release 🙂

  14. what the fuck?

    Since when can’t we comment about the books we read? Conor and Josh, stop deleting legitimate complaints.

    It’s supposed to be a conversation, right ?

  15. @edward – It might be spoiler related since the release dates were staggered this week?

    Feel free, anyone, to post spoilers, btw. I’d like to know how this ends without actually reading the book. 

  16. @OttoBott Read it or live without it.

  17. I totally cried while reading this.  There are some elements in this series that have hit very close to home regarding family, close friends, and life/death issues, so I got pretty attached to Daytripper.  I’m seriously saddened that this is over already.  

  18. @RyanHoyt  Totally agree.  I almost cried at the kitchen table on Wednesday reading this. 

  19. Man, my LCS didn’t get this this past Thursday so I still haven’t read it; did this happen to anyone else?

    I haven’t felt as emotionally attached to a book like this in a long, long time,

  20. Amazing book. I think this is the first comic I’ve ever felt sad that it was ending. It was a great ride. I hope they do a great hardcover, I will buy it.

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