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It’s the grand finale and shocking end that will leave you wanting more!

No, not of the series, but just this arc!

With The Crisis on Infinite Darkwings reaching its zenith, an old evil (and no, we’re not talking Uncle Scrooge here people!) reemerges as the true source of St. Canard’s terrible water troubles! Cringe as both hero and villain find themselves treading turbulent terror! Gasp as the Darkwing Ducks rally to turn the tide toward triumph! Run to pick up the exciting conclusion of Crisis on Infinite Darkwings!

Writer: Ian Brill
Artist: James Silvani

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.0%


SilverAgeTom01/19/11NoRead Review


  1. Can’t wait for this.

  2. Quite simply, awesome. The book keeps getting better.

  3. One of if not the funnest books being published.  We need a full Rorschach Darkwing issue. 

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