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In the aftermath of the attack by the nefarious newcomer One-Shot, St. Canard finds itself in the midst of chaos again! An army of brand new baddies has swarmed the streets, and city hall is rendered helpless without the leadership of a mayor. Could the terror that flaps in the night do the unthinkable and don the duties of a….*gasp*…desk job? Plus: Who can contain Cat-Tankerous? Make yours mallard this month and find out! Fan-favorite writer Ian Brill and superstar artist James Silvani bring you another issue of the series that is taking comic fandom by storm!

Writer: Ian Brill
Artist: James Silvani

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. Why hello there.

  2. I think I am done with Darkwing. Last arc ended horribly and was just a headscratching mess. Although last issued picked up a little, it still is not worth the 3.99 price especially in the face of the relaunch coming soon.

  3. @Avistann I’m sorry that the relaunch is taking you off this extremely fun book, but I definitely understand it. I agree that the last arc wasn’t the best by any means but I still have hope for the series. This is one of my few non-Marvel/DC books and I like to keep at least a toe outside of the big two.

  4. @minion: Don’t get me wrong, I am bummed too. The first two arcs and annuals were a blast but I only have my toes in DC and would like to explore that universe at this very opportune time. Out of all my indie books, this one was the least enthralling. Hopefully I eat those words and hear good things.

  5. @Avistann I understand your position. You can always jump back on if you want.

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