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  1. These vignettes have been hit or miss for the most part. Cornell’s have proven the strongest.

  2. You’ve think Osburne could afford a more comfortabe chair. that thing looks very cold

  3. If only the stories were as good as the covers. I’m down for the Emma story, though, which will presumably be Cornell-written.

  4. Only interested in this for Aaron. Might wait to find it in the 50 cent bin a year from now when no one cares about Dark Reign and Marvel has moved onto the next "big event".

  5. This hasn’t impressed much yet.

  6. I just want a book with all of Jae Lee’s covers collected.

  7. @rift1129 agreed, he needs to get off that Dark Tower crap and start drawing a more interesting book again

  8. Loved the "the one that got away" segment. She’s quite possibly the first and only person to put Osborn in his place during Dark Reign. It’s amazing really if you think about it. No writer, up to this point, has had him really lose so HUMILIATINGLY. I couldn’t help but found myself laughing at the fact that the 8th personality is a masochist, so really any pain caused to her proved pointless. Kudos to Simon Spurrier for the gutsy story.

    "Get Mystique [Revisted]" was pretty pointless save for the snappy dialogue.

  9. @mikegraham6 – he is off dark tower. Richard Isanova has been full time artist on that books since the last arc.

  10. I loved them all but the last one.

  11. @thegreatone  I actually really liked the Aurora one.  Strangely enough I just finished reading a synopsis of her backstory online, so it was timely to me.

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