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  1. I’m still surprised at how enjoyable the first issue was, even with positive expectations. Marvel needs more anthology-style projects.

  2. here here

  3. I thought the first issue of this was terrible.  I have no expectations going into this comic.

  4. I too was a little surprised and impressed with the 1st issue. I’m just hoping this issue will be as good if not better.

  5. Well fuck it.  I’ll go back and read it if you guys are so damn convinced, lol.

  6. I was actually droppin this whole Utopia crossover because I was getting bored with it already, but there isn’t anything else good coming out this week so I might as well give it another shot, you know?  It’s not like ASM is out this week!!

  7. I quite liked the first issue. I hope this one has some Cloak ‘n Dagger naughtiness!

  8. I’ve never known Cloack and Dagger to actually be naughty, in my estimation. (Dagger’s costume on the other hand…)

    "This first two issues focus on Emma Frost, Mimic, Cloak & Dagger, Daken, Weapon X and Dark Beast!"

    And yet the review I just read about this issue confirmed that there’s no Emma Frost story in this issue either. The first issue was okay, but…nah, I’m not spending $4 for of the same, if there’s no Emma.

  9. What a piece of shit.  God, Marvel have really fucked up X-Men.  I’m angry:(  This is like watching your favorite team go 0-13.  So disappointing.

  10. I maintain that this is great if you know what it is before buying it.

  11. The best part about this book was the cover, and this issue finally made me realize I can’t stand what they have made Daken into. Worthless.

  12. Does anyone else get the feeling that no one at marvel has a real take on what the xmen should be? Maybe its just me but the xmen have lost thier identity in the last several years, maybe since morrison. Morrison didnt even have the best take but at least he had fresh ideas and was willing to take risks with the characters. Now wolverine is stretched too thin, cyclops is a girl and nothing is really happening other than the basic events they deal with. Whedon’s Astonishing withstanding, no one has put a true xmen story out ina long time. 

  13. I agree with ABirdsEyeView. Everyone’s big complaint with Dark Reign and the Dark Avengers is that they aren’t being set up or developed. This was a great issue showing Norman and Daken’s relationship. It wasn’t POTW good, but it was great fun indeed.

  14. @ rift1128 I’d have to say I agree, mate. And I do partly blame Morrison for that. Those were great issues while they lasted, but the X-men’s chief strength was always the underground mutant team, behind the face of a privately run school.

    Taking the X-Men public is kinda like making Sider-man reveal his identity. Kinda interesting short term, but ends up requiring a ret-con long term.

    Right now, it’s just not working.

    Allthough I quite liked this issue. Short though it is.

  15. The Cloak and Dagger part was the best and Daken is becoming interesting, even if he looks like a jackass.

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