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DARK X-MEN #4 (OF 5)

What has X-Man done to Norman Osborn? Whatever it is, it must be extreme because the Dark X-Men are making a journey into Osborn’s mind to fix it! But once they’re in, can they survive the depths of madness they find in the dark corners of Norman’s mental minefield?

WRITER: Paul Cornell
PENCILS: Leonard Kirk
COLORED BY: Brian Reber
LETTERED BY: Robert Steen
COVER BY: Mike Choi

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This has been surprisingly enjoyable.  Tip o’the cap Mr. Cornell.

  2. I have no interest in this but I have bought them all strictly because of cornell and kirk

  3. Dropped this because, though I think Cornell and Kirk are a good team (someone put them on Uncanny or a new Excalibur series, please…), this series was just…too…boring. Plus I don’t want to deal with more random song references.

    If I hear that the final two issues are really fantastic, though, I’ll be sure to pick them up later on.

  4. This series has been great.

    Let’s be honest the whole Dark X-Men concept, as Fraction delivered it in UXM, did not really work. What I love about this series is that PC has MADE it work. With the new costumes, with Mystique wearing Jean Grey’s face, and with a Beast and a guy with Angel wings you’d be mistaken for confusing this Dark X-Men line-up for the original incarnation of X-Factor! 🙂

    Great to see Nate Grey back, as well.

  5. I’ve said this with every issue.  Why isn’t Paul Cornell writing Uncanny.

  6. Remember that "pet characters" article? Yeah, Nate Grey falls into that category for me. Picked this up after I heard that he was in issue one and have been digging it every since.

  7. These guys should Totaly do uncanny x-men. I’m really starting to absolutely LOVE Kirk’s art

  8. I’ve really liked this mini. I hope Nate stays among the land of the living when it’s over.

  9. Wow really good issue! Wonder if any of this will have ramifications to be seen in siege?

  10. This issue was fantastic. 5/5. Paul Cornell really impressed with this issue. Norman feels like a real threat, the "evilness" of the characters feels properly used, but also rational and not just a bunch of raving loonies. 

    For those curious, this issue’s Song Comparisons were to David Bowie songs. "Cat People" for Dark Beast was particularly inspired, because the song speaks far more to the character’s nature than just being a song about cats.

    @theswordisdrawn Or, y’know, the original X-Men. 😉 (But the original X-Factor run is one of my favorite in comics, so I agree with you.)

  11. Cornell has got some serious skills. Gimme goblin, now!

  12. Cornells done a great job with this mini, marvel need to put him on an ongoing and soon.

  13. I really liked the first two issues, but as this mini moved fully into Osborn territory it lost me. We are finishing the Osborn tale in Seige and that is the only place I want to see him right now. I just can’t make myself believe that anything the Dark X-men are going to do will have any ramifications. Yeah, Goblin goes crazy. That was happening no matter what. I also haven’t felt there has been as much cool stuff as that put in the first two issues. Even the giant floating people brain failed to impress this issue, although I think that was partly from a rare Kirk misfire. The angry brain full page spread was just a mess.

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