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DARK X-MEN #2 (OF 5)

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  1. Nate has some wicked nipples.

  2. What’s with the doves? Is he fighting Chow Yun Fat in a gun ballet of slow motion death?

  3. @drake they look beefy

  4. You could cut glass with those! I think I’m gonna pick this up in trade, unless I can get issue 1 at the LCS.

  5. Nate has anti-manga nipples, since male manga characters’ nipples are usually non-existant. This is what happend when you dont wear a shirt, Nate…


    I loved the first issue of this series, as not only was the creative team great, but the team dynamic was fun and Im glad they are giving X-Man another chance. He was always secretly a character I really liked 

  6. So… apparently I had Dark X-Men #1? I don’t know where I got it from, but I didn’t read it. It was on my "For Sale pile." However, I forgot to pick up *this* issue at the LCS today. Bummer. I want more Nate Grey!

  7. Looking forward to picking this up. The last issue was pretty bloody good.

  8. Man, now I really wish I had #2. I just finished 1. Quite fun. Really dug Cornell identifying each of the team with a Beatles song. I’m excited for more X-Man.

  9. @Prax: This time he did it with Rolling Stones songs. Not as effective as the Beatles songs, but cute nonetheless

  10. ^I HATE the "fraptions". They’re either so obvious that they convey zero necessary meaning (Osborn is "a man of wealth and taste") or else they’re completely nonsensical (X-Man does not resemble or act like a wild "Jumpin’ Jack Flash"). I really hope this trend does not catch on anymore; I expected more from Cornell.

    Other than that, though, I loved the hell out of this issue. 4/4 for me. The characters have a depth to them, each personality is distinct and seems "necessary" to what’s going on, the artwork is solid, and the general direction of the story makes me wish this was an ongoing. The sort of neat ideas that Cap Britain was full of are here again (the mass of psychics). The situations have an interesting tension to them (Nate thinking that Mystique is Jean).

    It’s fantastic. Too bad each issue has to be peppered by several unnecessary, useless pop culture references. And I love the Beatles and Stones.

  11. @flapjaxx I can understand not liking it. To be honest, I felt the Beatles song thing was cute, but if I never saw it again I’d never care. I think they’re more "effective" than when Fraction’s box for Xian (Karma) in one of issue of Uncanny was "Hate the BSG Finale." It had absolutely nothing to do with the character or anything she did in the issue. This at least was trying to associate a style of song with the character. Cute, not great. However, I am curious what 3 other bands Cornell use for the next few issues? The Who? The Clash? Dylan? 😉

  12. Not the greatest issue ever, but the writing on this is really solid. I have been surprised at how good this and Nation X were this week.

  13. No, what would have been awesome is if at the end of the issue, the cover solicit was a tie-in to SEIGE or just SEIGE#1 somehow involving Nate Grey. That would have been a wise move on Marvel’s part because they signify how important he is to mutant kind. But in retrospect, with the Messiah (Hope) returning, I don’t think it’s really the best time for there to be another mutant savior to be walking around. It takes away some importance from the current Messiah.

  14. Leonard Kirk’s art makes me weak as always, and I’ve never liked Mystique as much as I do in this mini. Paul Cornell really gets her in a way that makes her accessible as a character for the first time ever.

    Also, the Rolling Stone song titles this issue are a really nice touch. I laughed.

  15. I pointed this out to DrakDangerz the other day. The "They’ve planted a bomb inside Mystique that she can’t shapeshift her way out of" angle has already been done twice before, and it was resolved in almost the exact same way. The first time was when Mystique was on X-Factor, Forge planted one in her and years later it was revealed that she got rid of it almost immediately and stayed with the team because of Forge. In Brian K Vaughn’s Mystique book he plays with her ability to shapeshift alot, and this premise is brought up yet again. Again, she easily escapes it but allows the team to think she’s tamed. I can only assume that’s the route this is going to see, and that’s slightly disappointing. If you can’t find a logical reason for the person to be on the team, perhaps you should just give it up, y’know?

  16. @prax meh.  logic and comics aren’t bed fellows as often as we would like. It doesn’t bother me so much.

  17. @vadmowens So true. It’s just annoying to see the exact same plot for a third time. 😉

  18. I loved the hell out of the psychics and their giant brain. I love the idea of Osborn collecting together all these various bits and pieces of power into covert groups and teams, and of course each one being twisted and messed up because Osborn (and the people he appoints) are hopelessly insane. Funny that the best take on it I have seen (this one) comes from a mini that is really off to the side of Dark Reign and very late in the game. 

    @prax Let’s wait and see if it is the exact same plot. It is perfectly acceptable to do a new twist on an oft told tale. Hell, that is practical all Marvelk and DC is. Tell the same stories again from a new angle. I too am suspiciious, though, as Cornell doesn’t strike me as a exactly an X-continuity nut.


  19. That cover makes me wanna vomit.

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