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  1. GREAT first arc, cant wait for a new Dark Wolverine

  2. Really? Hmm… not sure why they’re even putting this out. The first arc was OKAY… but I think I’m going to save my money for something else…

  3. @braincloud yeah, I think its been hit or miss for most people.  I’ve really liked a lot.  Didn’t really care about Daken as a character until this came out.

  4. I loved the first arc and really excited for this one. Segovia is a great penciler for this title too

  5. Man, Stephen Segovia can pencil the hell out of a book, can’t he?!

  6. I’m liking Dark Wolverine.  If only because it’s puts a slightly different spin to the Wolverine "universe".  Daken could have easily been just another brute claw for claw, fight for fight villian like Sabretooth and all Wolverine’s other rivals were in the past, but he’s become so much more than that.  It’s a breath of fresh air for Wolverne comics. 

  7. As I’ve said before I’m really enjoying Way’s Daken in this book. I’d even go as far to say that I’d pick up a solo ongoing if Way wrote it.

    But one question, when is Wolvie coming back to his own book?

  8. Weak art and ugly cover.

  9. I enjoy it.

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