‘less he wants her soul to climb out of the pits of Na’ar and haunt him for all eternity, Roland must make good Aileen’s dying wish. And so the gunslinger has promised the last of his tet any desire…but is he prepared to travel to the one place on Mid-World he swore never to return to? Roland Deschain is going home to the ruins of Gilead – and just wait until he meets the new tenants…

WRITER: Peter David & Robin Furth
PENCILS: Richard Isanove & Sean Phillips
LETTERED BY: VC - Chris Eliopoulos
COVER BY: Sean Phillips

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Last issue had elements of the first book, but I don’t recall this particular vignette.  I’m thinking I’ll wait until the next mini.

  2. @misterckent – The impression I got from the first issue is that this arc will be parts of The Gunslinger mixed in with flashbacks.  I’d prefer pure Gunslinger.

  3. I like how Robin Furth pretty much apologizes for this issue in the back of the book. 

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