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  1. i might have to follow this is inssues again since Jae Lee is back. w00t

  2. I don’t think the last mini has ended yet.  Interesting that they have them overlapping.

  3. it ended last week. and it was kinda crummy. 

  4. I stopped reading after Jae Lee left. Is he really pencilling the whole thing, or layouts or something lesser to trick us?

  5. I am happy Jae Lee is back.

    Fall of Gilead was going very strong – perhaps the strongest of the four minis thus far – until the last issue where the epic battle for Gilead was anything but.  I was seriously disappointed – mostly by the art/panel work…but looking forward to the new arc.

  6. I must have missed the last issue of Gilead. I’ll have to go pick that up.

  7. @jesseg and kmob.  I think the ending to "Fall of Gilead’ was a little anti-clamactic, but it was still good.  To do it right, I think they would have had to put out a double-sized issue just due to sheer scale.  It’s also books like this that makes me realize how much of an influence Tolkien has had on modern fantasy writers.  That whole battle seen was very similar to the Seige of Minas Tirith.

  8. I’m like kmob, Fall of Gilead was shaping up as my favorite arc until the last issue.

     I also  agree with the double sized issue idea. A double sized issue full of splash pages of the battle would probably have done the trick, albeit it would still be a little disapointing without Jae Lee drawing it.

  9. I didn’t care for the art in the first few books in the Isanove run, but he grew on me.  His drawing got progressively better.

  10. Isanove isn’t bad, but he is no Jae Lee.

  11. Isanove by himself seems unfinished in this book. I really like his style, just with Jae Lee on too, it looks amazing.

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