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  1. Very interesting so far, and I love me some YA.

  2. imgoing to buy this when its collected

  3. Did anyone else laugh out loud when they saw the "Thanks to iFanboy for the idea" caption?

  4. Sadly, I saw this on the stands and decided it didn’t need to be picked up.

  5. I dropped this after issue 2.

    Issue #1 was good, but issue 2 was a flat read and I didn’t like the direction it was going.

    I love the cover to this issue.

  6. @ arson17- Pissed in my shorts!

    The strongest issue yet. Not the best YA story, but at least it gets better with this issue.

  7. =| (says goodbye to 3.99)…

    I’m hoping it isn’t good enough to read on or I’m going to be screwed budget wise.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. It’s nice to see each character get a little moment to shine and step into the shoes of one of the older Avengers. Watching a character deal with passing judgement is an interesting thing. It was easy to see each character’s thought process and nothing seemed out of character.

  9. This was really up and down for me. I enjoyed some of the writing a whole lot, and other parts of it were absolutely dreadful. I like where it’s going and the overall themes, though. I’m sticking with it at this point. 3/5.

  10. This was the last book I read this week and the one I was looking forward to the least, you know what, it was pretty good!

  11. lol, yeah. ifanboy big up

  12. I’m enjoying this more as I get more familar with the new Young Avengers.

  13. As with each issue so far I loved the story and I loved the art.

    Getting into the heads of these new characters, and trying to work out how much is truth and how much is a lie was great. I find it hard to call any of them as an absolute truth or lie. Great stuff.

    My only criticism is colour. That opening shot of Stature and Big Zero is drawn great, but it looks a little like watching an old TV with the tube fading – you know, with parts of the colour range missing?

    It’s a shame, because it really doesn’t sell Brooks’ art as well as it deserves.


    Otherwise though, I loved this issue.

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