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  2. Fantomex is from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men.  I’d suggest reading it, it’s excellent, and a great lead up to the greatest X-Men story ever told, Astonishing X-Men!

  3. I thought I’d never see that guy again.

  4. I know who Fantomex is.  He’s the worst character ever.

  5. I found Fantomex hilarious.

  6. Is KickAss Jim McCann?

  7. You have to like Mike Patton and good music to appreciate Fantomex

  8. ^Yup, Fantomex is actually based on a French detective-type character from the 1910s. Then Mike Patton took the idea and skewed it. Then Morrison reimagined it in his own direction. But people who are really judgmental, who are unwilling or unable to appreciate the history of concepts behind the character, will of course just look at it and think "What’s that crap? A Youngblood ripoff or something? Morrison sux!!"

    Wolverine teaming up with Marvel Boy and Fantomex, written by Jason Aaron? I’m down.


  9. I’m familiar with the background of the character.  I happen to think he’s used very poorly in New X-Men. 

  10. @cutty
    Somewhere at 6:12pm yesterday, Jim McCann doubled over in pain for a split second.

  11. More zombies? Ugh, this was just bad.

  12. @bastrd- I though our fued was over?  You’re so clinging, let it go.

    You have to have read the entire Grant Morrison New X-Men run to understand this.  That’s 7 graphic novels.  Plus, Marvel Boy.  I loved Morrison’s New X-Men.  This…was ok.  The backup by Aaron was also really good.  Loved the cover art.

  13. @kickass that’s not true.  all you would have to read is the last 2-3 arcs of the new x-men run and you’d completely understand everything in this book.

  14. @KickAss
    Oh, I’ll no longer dignify you as being my nemesis, but when given the chance for a nice dig, I am powerless not to take it.

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