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  1. Looking forward to art by Ed McGuinness.

  2. really looking forward to McGuinness not drawing a book about hulk’s. i think he’s at his best with normal sized people like batman and fury

  3. @RoiVampire i completely agree. His work with Superman/Batman or Deadpool greatly stand out compared to his hulk work. This should be a great one shot. 

  4. …I think I’m one of the few people more interested in the Secret Warriors than Nick Fury. Do you think they even appear in this?

    I’m getting confused over the timeline of this series as well. When does this and the Bendis issue fit in with the current arc. (I’m a big geek I now, but I like to see character progression, a reading order helps with that).

  5. Not planning on picking up many "List" issues but I’ll be getting this one.

  6. @ Zeppo- I’m also more interested in the Secret Warriors than Nick Fury.

  7. does anyone know what marvels plan is after the dark reign?

  8. @newreader101: i heard their next event/status quo is called "Shadowland" that’s all i know, google it you could found out more.


    here’s the thing, I love secret warrior but i don’t want to be forced into buying random books marvel puts out that should be part of a regular title. So, screw you, marvel, i ain’t buying

  9. @newreader101:

     The next big marvel universe event is called Siege.

  10. That cover looks like Nick tripped over something. Sorry Marvel, but I don’t like covers depicting cool dudes like Nick Fury tripping and falling on his face.

  11. AND he’s holding a pistol, probably loaded with pistol bullets! That’s just plain dangerous.

  12. thanks I checked out marvel.com and it is siege it comes out december 30th

  13. @edward: If you like Secret Warriors, why wont you be buying this? Hickman is writing it, so the characters will be the same as they are in the regular title. I really dont see the problem.

  14. @comicBOOKchris: " i don’t want to be forced into buying random books marvel puts out that should be part of a regular title"

  15. @edward: its not that much of a stretch here. It is, by all means, a Secret Warriors issue. Its no different than an Annual issue.

  16. @comicbookchris: yeah, i’ll get it… but i wont be happy about it… no, i bet i will be


  17. kinda of a dick move to publish this outside the regular book just to up the price a buck, but it was good so whatever.

  18. its part of the event though isnt it. Why would you publish an event book in a series which doesnt fully deal with the event. Publishers cant win.

  19. they won by getting an extra buck outta me

  20. I liked where Hickman is going with this.

    I think Ares will team with Fury is the future.



  21. I really did enjoy the lists for both Osborn and Fury; Osborn’s was good but Fury’s was better 🙂

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