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  1. The first issue was so well done. Perfect example of how to do the FF right

  2. Ooh, this was so good last month. I must remember to get this.

  3. Yeah, i picked this up a week late last month, after listening to the podcast, and i’m sooooooo glad i did. I didn’t expect to like it (im not a huger FF fan) but i really enjoyed it. Cant wait.

  4. I liked the last issue, and I don’t think this will disappoint. There are the kind of Fantastic Four stories I want to read.

  5. This is exactly what the FF should be, exactly.

  6. im hoping this sparks my interest in FF. Issue one definatly has my attention. Any good stories anyone can suggest? I found a badass comics shop that has 40,000 comics and they are mostly cheap, so i kinda wanna read some classic stories from back in the day.

  7. I’ve started reading FF with the Millar and Hitch run. Amazing.
    As for old stories. If you could get a reprint of the Galactus trilogy (FF #48-50). That’s classic, for sure.

  8. @Fvckstick I would suggest The Waid/Weirengo run, it’s quite "Fantastic!"

    I liked last issue, and I look forward to this one. I’m only a fan of "Iconic" FF. So Waid/Weirengo, Millar/Hitch… Hickman might have shown he’ll have a new, iconic take on the characters. 

  9. Last iss. was not as good as the Millar/Hitch run but it was worth another try methinks.

  10. #1 of this series was the first FF book I’ve ever read, and I really, really liked.  Marvel should keep giving Hickman books if they want more of my $.

  11. I hope it stays good, I miss the days where the Fantastic Four was my must have book

  12. I’m sad that so many people are asking about "good FF stories" when Millar has been killing that book for a while. It’s not like the Flash, where it’s apparently been mired in middling stories and continuity forever — this has been a strong, strong book since at least JMS’s run (that’s when I jumped on board).

  13. Milady, tis the clobbering hour.

  14. @NealAppeal

    DAMMIT!!! You beat me to it you bastard! lol

    That was just chock full of awesome. I am officially psyched for Hickman’s FF run now.

  15. @parker Ha! also, I agree. Hickman’s Reed is super great, and so are his Franklin and Val. Val is smart without being creepy, and frankilin is funny without being overly precocious.

  16. @Neal:  I agree Hickman has the family dynamic down for the FF and has revitalized the fun of the book.

  17. Such. A. Great. Book. 

    I can’t wait for Hickman’s FF run. 

  18. Good story, I like the way he writes Val and Franklin. Though I wish we could get past the "Franklin is an idiot little boy because if he could access his powers he could kill creation" characterization. He’s the son of a super-genius he should be a little smarter on the uptake. Though, I enjoyed him interacting with the hammer guys.

  19. Fan-freakin’-tastic.  Loved the "Clobbering Hour" line. 

  20. Not bad. I’ve read better "paralell worlds" stories but it was quite enjoyable.

    2 Questions –

    1) Why is this a Dark Reigh crossover – does that just mean it is in current continuity?

    2) Was there something wrong with the colouring? It seemed very washed out.

  21. I forgot to ask, did anyone have a major printing issue with the middle 6-8 pages of this book? It made the art and words on those pages fuzzy and in some cases you could see where the borders of the word ballon were not matching up with the white shape of the Word Ballon. I was really disappointed to get such an error.

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