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  1. New Hellboy from Mignola, this has me excited.

  2. new Brandon Graham story has me most excited this issue!

  3. Agreed on the Brandon Graham story. Love his stuff…

  4. I didn’t even KNOW there was going to be a Brandon Graham story this issue. HOLY CRAP! YES!

  5. Who’s votes are putting this book in the 3.X rating range? This issue was EPIC. Check out my review here: http://fivecomicsaweek.blogspot.com/2011/12/review-dark-horse-presents-7.html

    DHP is easily my favorite comic being published right now (that isn’t 2000 AD. Its good. But not THAT good.)

  6. I did not get this until this week (seems to have shipped a week late to my LCS)
    with sooooo much in each volume I’m going to try to knock out single word reviews, overall this has been the strongest issue yet.

    Hellboy – Classic
    Skeleton Key – Charming
    Blood – “meh!!
    Marked Man – (double) “meh!”
    Skultar – Short
    Usagi Yojimbo – Wonderful
    Concrete Park – Strong
    The Speaker – FANTASTIC
    The Adventures of Doc Mendoza and Pizza boy – Fun
    Finder – Indifferent

    With so much contained in each issue you would be hard pressed to please all the people all the time especially with this much diversity on offer, I for one an just glad this book is being published and supported in this this format.

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