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• The Dark Avengers’ operation sets off what will become known as THE CATACLYSM

• Songbird finds out a deadly secret conspiracy to destroy The Dark Avengers, Luke Cage and the Thunderbolts – Forever!

• Neil Edwards (SPIDER-MAN: SEASON ONE) joins Jeff Parker for the defining chapter in the Dark Avengers legacy!!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Neil Edwards
Cover by John Tyler Christopher

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Not long til it all changes & then I’m leaving!

    • It all ends at 184 doesn’t it? It’s too bad because I loved what Parker was doing with the secondary team alongside Mach 5, Songbird, and Luke Cage. He even got me to enjoy an Osborn Dark Avengers Team which is something I thought I’d never enjoy. I also see that Juggernaut is making an appearance soon, now that I am excited for. Unfortunately I will not be on board for Daniel Way/Steve Dillon. Ugh.

    • Yeah man, it just started taking a new twist when the Dark Avengers were introduced & I never read any of Bendis’ related stuff on them. But now the new line-up just doesn’t interest me one-bit nor do I care for Way, so it all pretty much sucks!

  2. I think I’m out now. Haven’t really been enjoying this arc.

    • Agreed. Previous issues of this arc have had a couple redeeming pages, but this one had nothing. Hate the dark avengers team. I might check out the relaunch.

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