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  1. Deciding if i should jump back into this.  Didn’t buy the last couple issues.

  2. Ditto

  3. you might wanna picm up last issue, it kicked off the new arc after the x-men crossover and felt a lot like Elli’s thunderbolts run

  4. @roi – agreed.  Since the crossover this book is back to form.  Excited for this issue.

  5. Yeah, is kipped the crossover, but otherwise I think this book is great.

  6. I haven’t been enjoying this title for a while, but I’ve gotta see what Norman’s up to behind that door.  Dammit

  7. The last few issues have been amazingly good. These are examples of when Bendis is on his a- game.

  8. I agree since Bendis’ return this book has me back all mustered. Fraction wasted three issue with that crappy cross-over, but I’ve always hated the X-men (except Gambit).

  9. This book is so…. EH… is it really a smash hit??  Not sure if I believe the hype…

  10. @braincloud- Believe it my Paul McCartney loving friend!  This is the Abbey Road of comics!

  11. Where is Captain Marvel… What was the point in bring him on if they are going to use him

  12. @braincloud: It’s a smash hit with me. 🙂


    @VisionGX: Captain Marvel is busy trying to figure out how to whack the Dark Avengers. He’ll be back.





  13. @VisionGX: he was scared off by Moonstone… what a freaky cougar

  14. Ignoring Utopia, every issue has been fantastic.

  15. Sentry got shot in the head by his wife last issue and there is absolutely no mention of this at all in this issue…..did I miss something?

  16. Awesome issue!  Mike Deodato’s art is beyond comparison right now, the best penciller currently drawing.  Really heavy issue, tons of things happening in this book.  Marvel’s best book out right now.

  17. @cubman987 Dude I have no idea, I know it has to be some grand plan that bendis has but he’s not doing a very good job of it so far. I really liked this issue a lot, but I would have liked at least a subtle hint or acknowledgment of what happened to Bob last issue.

  18. @RoiVampire Yeah thats kind of what I was thinking but then I wanted to make sure that I did not somehow miss that this was explained in another series or something…….and I agree, a good issue but I wish they would have at least mentioned it….oh well, guess we will have to wait to find out.

  19. My favourite title this week for sure.  Finally see this going somewhere now that all the crossover action is over.

  20. @Edward  All I could think when this was over was just how right you were.

  21. @roi & cubman  I think we’re just supposed to be really creeped out by this and not supposed to understand yet.  Hell, the Sentry is averaging a death every three issues.  Just look at it like an unresolved subplot.

  22. This and Mighty Avengers was really good this week.  I really enjoyed the Moonstone/Bullseye suplot and the Venom subplot.

  23. @magnum240  Oh i know what Bendis is trying to do. It’s like what the X-books are still doing with Warren and his whole Archangel persona. They haven’t explained it yet but at least some of the characters have acknowledged that it’s weird. I just wish somone in this issue, maybe Bob himself, would have been like "Hey I my wife shot me last issue right? Am I crazy or did that just happen?"


    So who is everyone at the end?  Obviously we have Mephisto, Dormammu, and Enchantress, but who’s the big guy?  And who’s in the chair, is that Nightmare?

    Great issue!  Some great work by Deodatto, I’m glad he’s simplifying his panels

  25. @cutty The dude in the chair is Molecule Man.

  26. Really loved the issue but being a comic n00b the big reveal at the flew right over my head.

  27. @magnum – who is that exactly?  It sounds familiar, did he show up recently in another book?

  28. Molecule Man can be a nearly omnipotent being, depending more or less on his belief in himself. He has gone toe to toe with the Beyonder (the Secret Wars actually omnipotent being). Since then he has gone through sections of time where he lost most of his powers or pretended to have. I am not sure of the present state of them, but from his throne location I would say signs point to him having his powers.

  29. Last time I saw Molecule Man, which was a loooong time ago, he had the potential to be the most powerful being in the universe but just wanted to live a quiet life with his girlfriend and watch some TV. God only knows how we got from there to here, but I can’t wait to find out.

    Love that cover, too.

  30. @JesTr the Moonstone sub-plot was great, it could be b/c Deodato draws her smoking hot!

  31. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that was Molecule Man! I thought it was Quicksilver for some reason!

    Deodato’s art is a lot better these days. A lot cleaner. His Moonstone/Ms Marvel is super hot.

  32. The last page was the only bit I liked.

  33. They cut the Man-Thing in half!

  34. It’s only a flesh wound.

  35. Lol, cutting Man-thing down to size. That would never be ok in the DCU imo.

    Btw… page 15 is probably the first comic I’ve purchased with slight nudity in it since the 80’s which shown how much I’ve matured as a reader because it was more off putting than anything else, just yoinked me out of the story for a minute.

  36. Forgot to ask: anyone creeped out by next month’s issue?

  37. The way he writes Venom is completely horrid. This guy eats people and he feels bad for the Man-Thing.

  38. @theegreatone  Um, they addressed that his meds are making him act weird. Bendis is well aware that Venom eats people, he’s done it and talked about it in books Bendis has written

  39. That is a such a crap reason. I want the scary Ellis version.

  40. @theegreatone: Having "Scary Venom" on a team all the time would just be annoying.

  41. Like Angry Ares, Slutty Marvel, or Cocky Bullseye. I see what you mean.

  42. This was a back to form Dark Avengers issue for me. 

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