• The mystery of Daredevil’s final days leads Ben Urich through a gauntlet of the Man Without Fear’s enemies!

• The trail brings Ben to The Church of The Hand… and a confrontation with Daredevil?!

• The penultimate chapter of Daredevil’s final tale is here – and some of his greatest creators are here to tell it!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis & David Mack
Art by Klaus Janson & Bill Sienkiewicz
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by Alex Maleev & David Mack

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. It has been absolutely wonderful to have Bendis back on Daredevil! Looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up. Hope the next DD mini is as good or better.

  2. I like the current Waid run but this makes me wish that a Bendis or Brubaker was still writing the main DD title. I like my Daredevil dark i guess

  3. I have really enjoyed this series and I’m sad it’s almost over. Any thoughts on the “Dark Nights” mini that starts in June?

    • I don’t recall reading anything from the creator before but I’m always game for new DD stories. The preview art looks pretty good.

    • DD is my favorite comic book hero so I’ll always check out whatever they do with him. Also really sad this is almost over. Looking forward to adding the collection to my shelf

  4. Wow! How good was this?!

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