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  1. Sweet. I only wish it would have come out a week earlier so i could have got Maleev to sign it at the comic con

  2. Is this the entire Bendis run?

  3. Nope.  Bendis was on through #81.

  4. I hope they do a volume 2 and go on and do Ed Brubakers run.

  5. They’ll probably do what they did for Frank Miller, where they released a big honkin’ volume and then a smaller companion that completes the run.

  6. Man i really want to get this. But I have no money 🙁

  7. They made two mistakes on this volume. They forgot to put Alex Maleev’s name on the cover and there is a big r trademake on DD’s nose. Bendis is not happy and marvel is going to send out a new dust jacket.



  8. Ohhhh the tradmark made me so mad. It looks like a damn bullseye, which is not something you want to see on DD. Did you read that about Bendis in an article and if so could you post the link?

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