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Hell’s Kitchen has exploded into rioting, looting, and all-out chaos, and Daredevil is responsible for it all. As the leader of the Hand and controller of Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock knows that conquest of New York is within his grasp. But one of his oldest friends, though, goes to Shadowland to make one last ATTEMPT to save the Man Without Fear from walking the path from which there is no turning back.


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  1. The art puts this head and shoulders above the main Shadowland title and I think Diggle has a much better handle on the supporting cast of Daredevil than Daredevil himself.

  2. The state of this book kind of makes me want to cry. I miss the days when Daredevil was stellar.

  3. @Minion- he more or less said that to me at NYCC.  don’t read that the wrong way.  I was complimenting him on the way he’s handled the supporting cast and he expressed his enjoyment of those characters.

    the argument could be made that he hasn’t really had a chance to write a Matt that isn’t being slowly consumed by "the beast".  maybe the Reborn miniseries will show give him a chance to write the real Matt. 

  4. I’ve been reading Daredevil for years and right now, I’m just counting the days until he’s put out of his misery. This series has been getting worse and worse since Brubaker left.

  5. I guess I’m in the minority when I say that this event hasn’t been so bad.  It’s not great by any stretch, but kudos to Marvel for doing something different, especially if this will lead to better stories.  The way I see it is that mopey Matt is being washed away so that DD can return to normal later on.

  6. @neb I wouldn’t have said it was bad til the last issue hopefully 5 can salvage it.

  7. I loved Bendis’ and Bru’s run, but I’ve also been enjoying this run (not as much, but still fun for me).  You give me DD, ninjas, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and Iron Fist, and I’m probably going to have fun, even if it is just issue after issue of talking heads telling knock knock jokes.  I agree with Neb — I think they are just going to have Matt hit rock bottom, and then return to a more smiling, shiny, happy, swashbuckler Matt.  By the way, am I a bad person if I say I like the new costume?

  8. @doomwad~ Yes! 🙂  Although this one isn’t as bad as the 90s armor….

  9. A DD writer actually remembered Becky exists? Amazing!

    Seriously this was fine until Daredevil showed up. Then it got stupid again. 

  10. Did they have to make the D’s that stupid looking font?  It looks dated now and will look even worse when we look back on it…

  11. This was a noticeable step down in quality from last issue.  It’s like Diggle doesn’t know how to write villainous dialogue.

  12. I hate it because I know where this is going to go. "The Beast" will try to kill Foggy and the last good part of Murdock is going to resist him in Shadowland 5 and DD 512 will just be the goodbye issue where he hands it over to Black Panther. Shadowland 5 will suck because Foggy hasn’t even been in that book but he’ll suddenly solve the problem and no matter what the last issue of DD will suck because Diggle just can’t write the character.

  13. Really think they dropped the ball as far as the potential this whole Shadowland title had for story-telling, was excited when I first saw the solicits, thought there was gonna be some hardcore noir drama, or an exploration of the darker aspects of the MarvelU, something like that, because Matt taking over the Hand is actually an interesting concept to me.

    @devildog – thought that from the beginning, totally agree.

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