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As Daredevil’s Shadowland stronghold in Hell’s Kitchen grows, more heroes step forward to try to bring The Man Without Fear back to his senses. But any foe of Daredevil knows he is not a man easily stopped. The battle for New York continues!


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  1. Can’t we have Paolo Manuel Rivera back on the covers? He was awesome.

  2. the last issue was really good.  Roberto De La Torre is killing on this.

  3. De La Torre is good, just haven’t been enjoying this whole storyline, not well-executed up to this point, and DD’s new costume is tacky, will quick browse this one before purchasing.

  4. Once again I’m coming down on the side of "It wasn’t bad"

  5. This is smelling of Civil war. How long will it take to get out of this?the guilt will take a year or too to work it’s way out. He might go to Paris or walk the earth. Either way I’m out.

  6. Why would DD accept Typhoid Mary, doesn’t make sense; just can’t stand that emblem design on DD’s costume…I dropped the main title on this series already.

  7. this book is serving exactly the purpose it should in this crossover.

  8. @Franktiger DD used to have a relationship with Typhoid Mary’s good personality so if she really is cured than its not a leap for him to accept her.

  9. I’ve bought Daredevil since issue #1 (and before) but it’s time to say goodbye. THis shadowland arc is the perfect place to drop the book. Goodbye Matt it’s been good…

  10. @Minion, I know DD’s history with Typhoid Mary, but the whole thing about this storyline is Matt’s turning to the darkside, becoming a heavy handed, zero tolerance vigilante, his morale lines obscured, all of a sudden he’s back to being accepting and compromising?  It’s not consistent, not buying it, the story or the book anymore.

  11. I’ve given Diggle a long enough leash.  It’s time to end this for now:(  This makes me sad.

  12. @Franktiger, I don’t understand what you mean. She could be bat shit crazy right now and Matt should accept her. I don’t see him compromising. He said he wouldn’t turn anyone away if they’re willing help him.

  13. Help him with what?  DD is finally willing to cross the line into killing his worst enemy, Bullseye, and now he’s all gracious and accepting to another one of his former arch-enemies?  And he’s willing to fight his old friends in the main series title, but then he’s willing to accept Typhoid Mary?  Doesn’t make sense to me.  Maybe compromising was the wrong word to use there, but definitely inconsistent to me.

  14. I get what your saying in a way. Like what would have happened if (way off in left field here) Bulleye wanted to join DD? That just doesn’t fly. But as Minion pointed out, DD did have a relationship with Typhoid. She came to him reformed psychologically and said something along the lines of ‘this makes more sense then out there.’ Hard to turn that down. No heros have asked to join him. They’re just trying to reason with him.

    The helping aspect has to do with his own brand of justice. It’s a "your for me or against me" mentality that DD realizes the heros won’t stand for and he has to prepare by having more than just hand ninjas. I like that their exploring this type of story but can appreciate people that don’t enjoy it or don’t like how the story is put together.


  15. Typhoid did bring up a good point in that you can’t lie to DD, because he’s pretty much a walking lie-detector with his enhanced senses and all, so she really couldn’t decieve him; I think people are intrigued as to whether DD becomes a new villain in the Marvel U, but I’m just not buying the whole concept.  The concept that would’ve been more interesting to me is DD becoming darker, more absolutist in his carrying out justice, much like Wolverine in now that he’s willing to kill (maybe even like Wonder Woman), but they really haven’t built upon that as far as character development in this series.

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