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  1. I’m thinking of jumping on after years of not reading DD. Should I do so after this arc?

  2. @coltrane68. no dude, this story hasn’t been that fantastic. do yourself a favor and go and pick up Bendis’ first trade, that was an excellent EXCELLENT run

  3. @coltrane68: This current arc has been a return to greatness for DAREDEVIL.  I wouldn’t start with this issue since it’s the final one of the arc, but if you can find all of the issues in this arc I say go for it.  If no9t start next month.

  4. @conor and coltrane68: I agree. This arc was my first Daredevil story and I loved it. Really looking forward to the conclusion.

  5. best Daredevil arc since Devil in Cell Block D in my opinion

  6. i disagree.


    Since Brubaker has been on this book it has become increasingly dull; the art is fantastic but the writing hasn’t had the same energy, interest or heart. That isn’t to say the book is bad, however, there are several Daredevil runs that are much better. Bendis’ is fantastic. Kevin Smith’s is good and Miller’s is, of course, very good. 


    I would recommend those runs before the current new issues… 

  7. Sounds like a real diversity of opinion. I think that I will jump on next month at the following arc. Thanks for the comments.

  8. @coltrane68: Its one of the few Marvel books i’m still buying. take that as you will.

  9. @edward – I agree that Bru’s run isn’t on the same level as Bendis’s.  But this is definately the best DD has been since issue #100

  10. I’m on the agreement wagon. The lady Bullseye arc’s been some good schtuff!! Love it!

  11. This arc has been great.

  12. I’m really disappointed in this issue.  These days all writers write for the trade, but it seems like Brubaker takes it too far.  I’d have to go back over his DD run, but it seems like every final issue in an arc is awful; just a drawn-out fight scene in which the good guys win in the end

  13. I think I just have to admit that even though the writing and art have been good, I just don’t give  shit about Daredevil or any of his supporting cast.


    Maybe instead of Hawkeye, Bullseye should have become the all new government apporvd Daredevil in DARK AVENGERS.  

  14. Was that sarcasm Farley? Because Bullseye is part of the Dark Avengers.

     Give Master Izo his own series. He’s an older wiser spider-man. To make it really interesting they could go into his dating life on Must-Buy.

  15. Sacasm? No. I know Bullseye is in DARK AVENGERS I just think it might have been more interesting to put him in Daredevil’s suit rather than Hawkeye’s.

  16. I second a Master Izo spin-off. His date could be Aunt May and if things went well Peter could have a new Uncle.:) Hes the best thing to happen to this book in a long while.

  17. What a lady Bullseye one of Daredevil’s number one enemies turned into a wench I’m not buying it.

  18. I’ve been one over by the lady bullseye arc.  I’ve been reading dd avidly for years and wasn’t convinced by this concept, but I think brubaker pulled it off.  Very excited by the return of the king arc.

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