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  1. I think I’m dropping after I finish this arc. Not that it isn’t good but my brain tells me that if something truly amazing happens, it’ll be cheaper and in trade later.

  2. I am digging this arc, but I have to agree with Otto that it would make a lot of sense to read this in trade.  I almost went to trades before and I forget why I didn’t.  *note to self; drop issues after the end of this arc*

     (The chance of my actually doing this is fairly low, but it’s a good thought.)

  3. I agree about trade waiting this book. Unfortunately from the solicitations in Feb 2009, theres no way in hell I can until the next arc finishes.

  4. Wow!  Another very fun read, and I really like the way Brubaker has kept the extended cast from Bendis’ run engaged in the ongoing story.  I love the way he works Luke Cage, Danny Rand (the Iron Fist), Dakota North, the (new) White Tiger (eeek!), and Tarantula playing key roles, while still keeping Matt front-and-center.  Once again, Brubaker has made Daredevil a fun read each month (I had found the tone to be growing a bit dull and overly dark for a while).  Bravo!

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