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  1. So no one wants to talk about this book im Surprised. I thought with the Buzz that the book seems to be finally picking up again it would be rife with conversation?

  2. I feel bad for this book because it keeps coming out on BIG weeks.  I’m assuming it still sells very well and doesn’t really need the hype, but I also thought there’d be more chatter.


  3. @ohcaroline I know it seems to get swallowed up by the big release weeks. I just get the feeling that this is the book Brubaker is putting the least effort in promoting buts its still so solidly written and with Rucka on its been great!

  4. @JMF & ohcaroline– I think this book is so solid we just always assume every issue is gonna be awesome.  This latest arc has been one of favorite’s since Bru’s first one in the prison.

  5. Anyone know how long this arc will be? I have been thinking about checking this out and was wondering when a good jumping on point would come along.

  6. @Kimbo  It was dragging for a little while there, I thought, but the arc with Rucka has been more than solid.  

  7. Moving on from the whole Milla fiasco has really helped.  This arc is great so far, and Lady Bullseye is up next I think

  8. Why does everyone hate Milla so much?

  9. I love this issue… it feels like Daredevil: Matt and Friends… I love it when the supporting characters really come through like this

  10. @xebix- this is part 3 of 4.

    Really great book, I havent heard a lot about it.  Ben Donovan was a pretty bad ass.

  11. Man, I am loving this arc! I’m not a huge DD fan, I jump on & off the title, but Brubaker, Rucka & Lark are absolutely killing this story. I would read this team writing anything, even Ant-Man … (maybe).

  12. @johnferrigno – i don’t think its so much that she’s a bad character, instead its that she turns matt into a bad one-note character

  13. Worst week of comics ever for me.

    Easter 4?

    I swear to God comcis as a whole have gotten better since this time. Find all the easter eggs.

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