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Scott Summers: Team leader of the X-Men, always helping people in need.

Also: Never happy! Maybe a visit from BATROC THE LEAPER & the CIRCUS OF CRIME can shed some light on what makes Cyclops tick!

Story by Lee Black
Art by Dean Haspiel
Colors by Jose Villarubia
Cover by Roger Cruz

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


  1. Roger Cruz does alright covers. I’d be buying this and the Jean Grey series if only he did the interior art too.

  2. DEAN HASPIEL!!!! I think I’ll be picking this up.

  3. Yeah! Whoa! Dean Haspiel? Potential buried gem of the week, anyone?

  4. To me, Cyclops can never miss, cus all he needs to do is look at you to hit you, right?  I think that part of his power is underestimated.

  5. @Franktiger .. yes but the beam takes time to reach its target, just like anything else. So yea he can miss.

    Also… the circus of crime?? Like… from “The Cape”?

  6. that cover is awkward looking. That is one muscular “little person”

  7. @oopsxlandmine no, cus his optic blast isn’t a projectile whose vector cannot be adjusted, it’s an uninterrupted beam projecting from his eyes, the stream of which can move as his eyes move on a target. Besides, it will get to you pretty damn fast, how do you dodge it when he’s looking right at you and following you with his eyes as you move? I don’t think you can, and even if your behind a barrier or something, whatever part of you he can see he will hit.

  8. that cover really captures Scott’s posery personality

  9. Dean Haspiel! Hoorah!

  10. @Franktiger i get that. I’m just saying that its not impossible. You were making it sound like just because he can see you, no matter the distance, you will be inescapably hit. I was just saying that the beam isn’t just THERE when he wants it to be. It takes time to travel to its target. Time that the target can use to move(if they’re fast enough, obviously). And yea he can move his head to adjust the beam, but again that takes time. No hostility, just providing an argument for why he misses sometimes.

  11. @oopsxlandmine  (of course no hostility) you’d have to be Quicksilver or someone with superhuman speed to outrun an eye saccade, which is in fact the fastest movement produced by the human body, reaching up to 1000 degrees/second.  If his eyes can track you, you’re gonna get hit.

    I just don’t think writers appreciate this about Cyclops enuf.

  12. Lee Black is apparently another who doesn’t appreciate the concept that he can’t miss if he can see you.   Maybe an optic blast actually fixes his eyes as he fires it or something.

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