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  1. Solid book for the twisted like me. But at $3.99, i’m starting to think only the hardcore ennis fans will stick by this to #9.

  2. This is some demented shit in these books.  

  3. I almost never post to the comments, but this book is like an intersate highway multicar pileup…with sodomy.

     I cant help but buy it 

  4. Well, I don’t consider myself a hardcore Ennis fan, so we’ll see if he keeps me interested. For now I look forward to my next dose of Crossed.

  5. The first 2 issues of this I thought it was just another zombie book (but with Ennis crazy shit thrown in) but after the last issue, I’m fully on board. Not only is it a twist on the usual zombie ideas, but Ennis is doing what he does best — great character stuff mixed with very dark humour.

  6. I mean, there are bullets soaked in jizz.  Garth has serious, serious issues.


    Love em! 

  7. My LCS never has this in stock the day of release. Big bummer =/

  8. According to my LCS this didn’t ship yet.

  9. For some reason my LCS always gets this title a week late too. Can’t wait.

  10. Mind didn’t have it either.  How often is it supposed to come out? Once ever 8 weeks?

  11. I asked my LCS why this book is always late for them and he said it is because Diamond has 3 main distributing warehouses that tend to get some of the smaller company (i.e. Avatar) books at different times for some reason thus while some areas of the country get the book "on time" the rest get it a week later. Just FYI. It’s Diamond’s fault.

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