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  1. God, I love this comic!!!!

  2. Good first issue looking forward to  this!

  3. Yeah, this was my POTM for October. I’m wondering if Sinners can beat out Hickman for November, too.

  4. This book is so comfortable and comforting. Must read, its already a classic and I can’t get enough of it.  

  5. Jesus Christ, Power and Criminal on the same week. I may have to dump my girlfriend if she bothers me on comic book day

  6. Such a good fucking week.

  7. One of my favorite titles of the past few years, but I was a little disappointed in #1.  I wouldn’t think anything of it, but I feel like most of Brubaker’s work over the past year or so hasn’t been up to his standard

  8. I was just thinking about that great pink color of the last issue’s and it really sank in how Val Staples’ amazing colors really add to the overall design and fun of this book.

  9. @Birdseye – Couldn’t agree more! 

  10. This story is the weakest Criminal story yet, but its still fun and beautiful as hell. 

  11. @rockingeek

    I actually think this may be the strongest yet. Lots of interesting stuff.

  12. @miya: The strongest is Bad Night, with the awesome Kafka story.

  13. I think this was damn good.  I haven’t read all the other stories, so I can’t comment on which are better.  But either way, I’m enjoying this quite a lot.

  14. This was a solid one, and as usual the back matter was a great place for some recommendations.


    I actually enjoy the first Lawless storyline the best, I think.  Actually, scratch that I can’t really pick between any of the storiesl.  I like them all to much.

  15. I agree about how great of a job Val Staples does.  His colors really make this book for me.  I like where this story has gone so far these first two issues.  The kid is intriguing.  And the material at the end is incentive enough to get this in single issues.  I still have movies in my Netflix queue from the movie reviews of the last arc.

  16. To be clear I’m not saying this is a bad issue, I’m only comparing it to the other Criminal issues and I found that the concept and plot points are "less mind blowing" than usual Criminal perfectness.

    Its a solid 4/5 issue and the best crime comic out there.

  17. it’s funny. I definately throught Lawless was the strongest story and bad night was the weakest. And when i say that i’m not saying they’re bad. I think differient stories apply to differient people.

  18. the secret ingredient truly is crime.  but the great thing is, there are so many different types of crime, which means so many different fucked up characters for this amazing book.

  19. The other comic writers must really hate Brubaker. He’s making them all look bad.

  20. man, this is crasy. i picked on my books at my store today. And the Girl working there said Ryan Lindsay, the guy that wrote the back up essay about australian crime shows shops at the same store.

     There you go, From Impact Comics in Canberra to your eyeballs

  21. @edward- Its the Frank Kafka story that makes the difference for me. The Kafka strips were awesome in Coward, Jacob gets fucked in Lawless and his downfall in Bad Night is fucking perfect. Jacob’s story’s fucking sick!

  22. @rockinggeek: yep. like i said they are all awesome

  23. I’ll put in a vote for Lawless, with Bad Night as a somewhat distant 2nd.

    Is this the first time Brubaker’s used 3rd person narration?  It seems off for some reason…

  24. he’s been using third person narration in each story

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