The best-selling crime comic finally returns, and with their most ambitious story yet. Obsession, sex, money, murder, and nostalgia for days long past all collide in THE LAST OF THE INNOCENT.

Riley Richards got it all… The hottest girl in school and a ticket to the big time

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Sean Phillips

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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Ed Brubaker’s last interview on Wordballoon totally made me excited for this story.

  2. I had completely forgotten that this was coming out. I’ve missed this creative team. Glad they’re back.

  3. I think I’m just going to buy the issues and read it all at once when it’s done. Criminal in issues didn’t do much for me last time around.

  4. Might follow a similar path Nawid.

    I love the cover, it’s been to long since I’ve seen Sean Phillips art.

  5. I will buy the issues and just get the next Deluxe edition if/when it eventually comes out.  I love this book because of the pride that Brubaker takes in the whole package.  I look forward to the back material in each issue.  I was going to say I look forward to it as much as the actual issue, but that’s not true at all.

    Also, this may be my favorite cover of all time.  At the very least, it’s my favorite at the moment. 

  6. finally, a not-shit comic

  7. I’m excited to see some new characters to round out this world

  8. DAMMIT WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE LEO IN JAIL STORY?!?!? lol so glad to see this back.

  9. I usually trade wait but this is going to be really hard to pass up.

  10. Incognito really bummed me out, hopefully this will have some of that brubaker/phillips magic.

  11. @IdleIvey  Me too, and yes it does.

  12. I’ve been buying criminal in trades, but I bought this issue and really liked it. And this is totally dorky, but I totally loved the paper stock. It felt durable and resistant to light moisture (I’m not a sweaty dude in general, but summer is hot in Michigan).

  13. Does this arc mean that we will get a second Deluxe Edition hardcover volume soon? 

  14. @TexasZombie99  I imagine so.

  15. The “Archie grows up” storyline is fantastic. Much better than Incognito – way to go, Brubaker!

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