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  1. I’m really excited for this one.  This book is so special and so amazing, I’ll be sad to see it take a hiatus for that new "Incognito" series.  I’m savoring each one of these bad boys.

  2. i love the inclusion of a cartoonist protagonist in the already colorful world of characters that Mr. Brubaker and Mr. Phillips have created. Jacob may be my favorite character so far in the series and thats saying a lot cuz, Tracey Lawless is one bad ass mother

  3. this series is going on hiatus?  that really sucks.

  4. @JesseG – Yep.

  5. @JesseG it won’t be that bad. Incognito is going to kick a lot of ass and it’s even going to have articles in the back of it.

  6. @JesseG. Brubaker and Phillips will still be making comics, just not criminal, and they come back eventually

     it’s actually a good way to keep things fresh 

  7. This got really complex, and I was a bit lost due to not reading the previous issues over again.  Not the book’s fault though.


    Murphy and Staples are 10/10.

  8. i love this comic so much!!! i honestly dont know whats going to happen next, the only thing i know is  the shits about to hit the fan

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