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  1. I can’t wait!

  2. @cman12 – i’m right there with you. at the moment I can’t think of a book that I look forward to more than Criminal

  3. my store didn’t get enough copies to cover their standing orders for the last issue, should i pick this up without reading the first first or wait for the trade?

  4. @edward – if you can’t get your hands on last issue, i’d wait it out.  there was a lot of setup for the main character

  5. @edward definately wait, the first issue was great.

  6. @edward – I’d say wait, too … but the trade will be such a long wait, there’s no way I could wait that long. Maybe try to play catch up, or break into someone’s house for issue #1?

  7. you should be able to order the issue online? or if all else fails, (gulp) download it…

  8. Don’t download it, I’ll lend mine to you.


  9. Awesome cover.

  10. This issue was so f-ing good!  And the back matter was really really awesome!  Reading this book is not good for my dvd buying habit…it’s a problem…I’m in rehab…for the dvds…not drugs…dvds…

  11. Pretty good issue.  I felt the story maybe coulda moved a bit faster, but the cliffhanger was great.

  12. This issue was 95% badass and 5% weird. The 5% consists of the phrase "I order you to f#$@ me" and the awkwardness of a cartoon character standing there during the sex scene. Aside from that it was like i said. badass

  13. @TopGun– that is some funny $hi%! It’s funny ’cause it’s true!

  14. @DenverDave — yeah i started understanding in this issue what josh meant about the cartoon character in the last issue. I understand why it’s there but doesn’t mean i necessarily like it.

    i also wanted to laugh at the shot at the main characters slack jawwed face from inbetween the girls legs. it looked kinda like he was a 10 year old who snuck into a strip club

  15. I would say this issue wasn’t up to the usual standard of awesomeness. Yes, it was still awesome, but not as much as usual. I’m not even sure why, maybe the story dragged a bit like Sunnyvale said, or maybe the main character was annoying me by taking so much crap. Great ending though.

  16. Hmm, I’m not getting why people have thought this issue was a bit slow or dragged a little. I thought it was just as good as last issue. I re-read #4 just before reading this issue and I thought it flowed perfectly.

  17. I’m with you, WadeWilson. As well-written and well-drawn as this is, I may just be getting tired of crime-noir books, in general.

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