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  1. Man, I’m so excited for this. This new arc has provided the most satisfying single issues I can remember reading. Each issue feels like a whole story arc by itself. I hope Brubaker can stay on this book for at least ten more years.

    If you don’t read this book, pick up this issue. Seriously. It’s a stand alone, it’s great, and chances are it will be the most bang for your buck this week. Give it a try!

  2. The Teeg storyline from last issue was some really good stuff.  Each of these one-shots have been gold I doubt this will be any different.

  3. The only problem is that these issues don’t come out fast enough.  Love Criminal.  Everyone should be reading this.

  4. I agree darminion! That’s definitely the only problem with this book. 🙂 It’s brilliant.

    It’s amazing to have a three part story told from three different perspectives, and with each book you see more depth & plot to the same story, but at the same time each issue could be read as a stand alone, and still be awesome. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

    Can’t wait for this issue to see things from her POV.

  5. I’m with you guys.  Everyone should be reading criminal.  This is always the book that I am most excited for when it hits the shelves.  You really never know where the story is going to take you.

  6. Man, I love what this series is building. Not only are the issues great, but there is this world that is growing and becoming deeper. Try re-reading the end of Lawless after this last arc. I did. I can’t wait to see more of Sebastian Hyde. He is so interesting. A terrible man and a tragic figure. One of the best things about this series is that plenty of the characters stick around after their initial appearence. In one arc you can watch the car crash, and in another arc Brubaker shows you the wreckage that was left behind. And he doesn’t always show it in that order. Anyway, I want to see more Sebastian Hyde, I want to see more Teeg Lawless, and I want to see what the deal with the guy in the next arc is. The issues are consistently great, but what gets better and better is the world the characters live in.

  7. With this new longer format each issue has been perfect. Even tho these were one and done stories they feel so thoroughly whole and complete. I can’t wait to see what brubaker and phillips do with the full arcs now that they have all these pages. rather than using the new format as license to make the art bigger they’ve decided to put as much story into those pages as possible.

    I’ve never really liked noire but I can’t think of a better series coming out right now.

  8. This was my POW, with Invincible Iron Man as a close second

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