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  1. Looking forward to this book the most of the week.  The one-shots should be great.  Is this no longer a Icon book?

  2. Finally Criminal is Back!  This and Captain America , It’s going to be a tough Pick of the Week Choice this week!

  3. Oh, do I love me some Criminal.  I’m pretty sure this is still an Icon book…

  4. Just caught up on the two Criminal trades this weekend.  Really excited to read this in issues.

  5. I’m happy, and a bit surprised, that this book has as many pulls as it does.  A good thing too, I’d hate for this book to ever see the chopping block.

  6. I’m switching from the trades with this issue.

  7. this is one of the rare books i like to get in singles. the back matter is always worth reading. i’m stoked about the expanded format.

    best book ever.  

  8. This was really good, I wish it wasn’t just a one-shot because it seems there could have been a lot more story. maybe they’ll go back to it later. I’m really happy they let everyone catch up so we could get on issues.

  9. The oneshot was great.   I love the extra pages.  I’ve lived in Philly for 7 years and grew up in the suburbs.  Gonna have to check out David Goodis and see what the fuss is all about.

  10. I am also switching from trades to issues with this one. 🙂

  11. Pick of the Week

  12. SO glad my comic shop finally got this. I got issues throughout the first arc, then was gonna switch to trades because of my shop not getting it. Somehow, they decided to get this (not checkmate though… still gonnna have to find that elsewhere), so I get to keep reading this monthly!

    Oh yeah… I also love how this books suggests movies and stuff. My netflix account is full of the ones suggested in the past, and I just ordered one of the books he suggested in the back of this ( is truly amazing) 

  13. so yeah… just realized that the boxer in this was the bartender in the undertow. That makes me love this so much more

  14. at the risk of annoying everyone on here, i’m going to say the book is alright, not fantastic.


    "Criminal" it should be called Cliche 

  15. Just read it yesturday, I love this damn book. Josh said it right, this is everything that is good about comics. It’s one of the few comics that is written for adults and I think Brubaker is the best freakin big time writer out there today. I love the  "magazine" aspect and all of the extras. It’s one of the few times when I get that ‘Stan Lee-esque "get the reader involved"’ feeling when Brubaker tells us ‘thanks for supporting the monthly format.’ I really want to read all of the suggested books and watch all the movies.

  16. I thought that wa sanother solid addition to the Criminial series, although I assume that the main reason for it being a number one was to promote new reader interest, since this seemed like a seamless follow on to the previous arcs (in tone as well as with common characters).  I liked the simple and open ending, and the characters were interesting.  I agree with the comment from Edward in so far as most of the plot elements were familiar, but I didn’t find that to be a negative because the plot moved well and the story was entertaining to read and to look at.  This wasn’t the best story from Criminal (probably my least favorite – Coward is still my fave) but I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

  17. If you’re reading this… who am I kidding can’t do it. Easter #5.

    This is the first comic I ever bought since I found out what good is, since I was a little tike. First Criminal book I read as well. If you love Criminal read Lawless: Best Criminal series. If you love Criminal read Sleeper: better than Criminal, made my girlfriend cry at the end.

    Best issue of Criminal: #2 of this series. Second series of Laweless just started up and its semi-okre.

    Like I said in easter #3 I’m wastey, find all of the easter eggs and you will be entered in a raffle to win $5,000 dollars.

    Who am I kidding, I am the last person to ever see this comment.

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