Run! Hide! Call the authorities! You’ll find all your efforts futile…It was foolish to think you could escape Creepy #6! There will be no mercy shown as you recoil in horror at tales brought to you by Joe R. Lansdale, Nathan Fox, Christopher A. Taylor, Jason Shawn Alexander, Alice Henderson, and more! Featuring 48 bone-chilling pages Creepy #6 will make your summer scream!

* Continuing the rich, horror-filled history of Creepy comics!

* The only horror comics anthology currently on the market!

Joe R. Lansdale , Alice Henderson, Christopher A. Taylor
Jason Shawn Alexander, Nathan Fox
Cover Artist:
Jason Shawn Alexander

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. Man, I hate clowns…but I love Creepy!

  2. One of the best magazines on the market…Man, do I wish it came out more frequently!  Love the cover on this one…

  3. Creepy!! Great issue this month. Can’t wait for fall #7!

  4. This issue was awesome.  The Joe R. Lansdale and Nathan Fox story called “MINE” was an incredible piece of western horror.  The clown story reminded me a bit of the movie “Frailty”…I’m killing demons, daddy!

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