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4.2 million people want to know just what in hell happened in San Cristobal. The only place they’ll find an answer? CNV #4. And it ain’t pretty. But it is kinda funny… and by “funny” we mean “bloody slaughter”. Not ready to pay? How ’bout we toss in CNV’s arch nemesis/hairstylist.

art & cover RILEY ROSSMO

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  1. I thought they decided to make this a serial.  Guess low sales put a damper on that.

  2. As far as I know it’s still an ongoing. This must just be an outdated solicit. Loving this book.

  3. I believe they are taking a short break to get the next arc well underway. but it will be ongoing

  4. Yeah, Issue #6 has been solicited for May. This was just solicited before they decided to add another issue to the arc and turn the whole shebang into an ongoing.

  5. this is a fun comic. 

  6. This is one of those that I always think I am not sure why I am reading it, then I read the latest and love it. Two months go by and then I have forgotten why I loved it again. Weird, that it just doesn’t stick.

  7. Hey, I just realized they’re kind of doing the same tilted logo as "Viking". Typography’s weaker though. 

  8. it says on the back of the issue that its now an ongoing series which im psyched about!!

  9. best comic in the universe, if you dont read this then I dont read you!um…… whatever that means…….11 o clock comics!!!

  10. Fuck me, I’m lost.  I’m gonna have to go back and read everything.

  11. 🙁

  12. I feel the same way, loved this at first but now i just don’t get it.

  13. I was going to drop this after this issue, but they’ve added another part to the arc, and there seems to be a semblance of story dropping in.  I think Issue 5 will tie things together nicely, but after that I’m gonna drop it.

  14. Not much happened here and the promised "What Happened in San Cristobal" was fairly weak. You did have 4-5 pages of a room full of Triplets talking, which made almost no sense and was impossible to follow, but I think that was kind of the point. All in all I think this issue probably suffered as the author changed gears from short mini to on-going. This issue is nothing but set-up, really.

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