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  1. I have read all the issues of Countdown to this point and the storylines are starting to converge, but I just don’t care anymore.  At least in 52 I cared about the characters in it.  For example, the whole Mary Marvel storyline seems to have been for nothing.  Mary goes to "the dark side" and it meant nothing because they made it seem like it was the Black Adam power was the cause of her change in personality and not that she received a massive amount of power that corrupted her.  That would have made her a more interesting giving her a character flaw.  I read Countdown and fell empty inside because most of the things that have happen in this series seem to not matter in end.

  2. If I hadn’t have pre-paid for the entire series (at a discount) at my store, I’d have probably skipped a crapload of issues by now.  The story has puttered around so much, I have to remind myself of what’s going on.  I’m just ready for it to be over.  Please, Jebus, don’t let Final Crisis be another 52 issue weekly.

  3. @alexhoward – FINAL CRISIS isn’t a weekly series, but TRINITY, the series that comes after FINAL CRISIS, is a weekly.

  4. I’m actually looking forwards to Trinity after not really enjoying Countdown.  I liked some stuff in it, but overall it just wasn’t my thing.  I really enjoy the Batman/Wonder Woman/Supman relationship though, and they’re fun characters together.

  5. Just let it be over.

  6. I think last issue had a big step in the story, but still waiting for me.  I’ve said it in the past, I’ll keep buying this because its weekly.  I enjoy it enough to keep me coming back for me. 

  7. As a Green lantern Fan I have no interest in the Trinity. I know who they are but I collect nothing that surrounds them (with the exception of Nightwing). I think I will take a couple of months off a weekly book. WAIT a sec I have just picked up Spider-man! ARRGH. Right now I wish the Gamma radiation they injected into me a year ago would work!

  8. Oh Yeah I can’t wait for another weekly! Seriously though DC needs to stop, my wallet can’t take another weekly and I’m fairly certain I will not get Trinity unless it’s @%$#ing amazing.

  9. Last week’s issue was one of my favorite thus far in the Countdown run. It seemed that the storylines started coming together, and there was some resolution in sight. However, I didn’t find this issue as enjoyable. I guess I’m just getting really tired of the OMAC thing…maybe next week will be better. Nevertheless, I am enjoying Red Robin’s role in this series…I am waiting to see how he interacts with the rest of the Batman family following Final Crisis….

    As far as DC weeklys are concerned…I have enjoyed 52 and Countdown, and "Trinity" sounds like an interesting concept. However, I’m not sure if my wallet can handle another weekly. We’ll have to wait and see…

  10. Crap.  Bagley is doing Trinity.  Sorry wallet, but you know how much I loves me Bagley.  I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen when he went to DC.

  11. I’m just glad things are happening. And I’m EXTREMELY glad someone killed Desaad, that dude was getting annoying. But who knows how long thats gonna last.

    I think the real difference this has from 52 is that your changing out writers every week, instead of having one writer on each story. I think if they did it the same way they did 52, the characters and their stories would be a lot richer.

  12. If I had my choice we’d see a lot more of Harley’s hammer and a lot less of Piper and Jason Todd’s redemption, but that’s just me.

  13. Wow, who knew that all it would take is piper playing a Queen song to destroy Brother Eye.

  14. Nice to see things converging, too bad it didn’t happen 25 issues ago.  Yet I’m still buying the thing.  I’m glad Piper’s importance was revealed, but shouldn’t we have had clues about that before?  It was quite a revelation to find out why he was important in just these last two issues.  I believe a little foreshadowing was called for here.  I will not be buying the next weekly, I think it’s time has come and gone.

  15. I for one have loved every minute of Countdown..not quite as much as 52, but it was not suppose to be 52. As for another weekly…I’m in and the fact that Mark Bagley is doing it is just icing on the cake!!

  16. I like that fact that this is starting to bring everyone together, but its time to wrap it up.  Lets get to final crisis already and lets hope something important happens.

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