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  1. if this was an ongoing I would drop it. I give this book a grade of a C- but when there are only 8 books left it is like why drop it when it is almost done.

  2. Well said tdog.  This book has been meh at best.  I really hope Trinity is better, since I have to buy it with Bagley on art.

  3. I agree as well.  This ending doesnt’ have me nearly as excited as the last 12 issues of 52.  Just keeps chugging along.

  4. This is not a good issue by any stretch of the imagination.  Worst of the bunch so far in my book.  Nothing happened but whining and posturing. 

  5. I am really loving Countdown. 52 Was way better but I have faith the ending will not disappoint.

  6. An then there’s DC Universe #0 to look forward to with Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns!

  7. This issue felt jumpy to me, anyone else? 


    Dammit, I meant to give it two stars, but hit the five by mistake.  


  9. that’s it. i just pulled every issue out of my box and am putting them in the recycling bin.

  10. @jstump — Jumpy?  Kind of.  I don’t know, it was very boom boom boom boom!

    The pace has gone into overdrive now.

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