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  1. I’m hoping for a good ending on this series.  I haven’t loved the whole mini, but I will say that it does deserve a 2nd read after all 6 issues have been released.  The amount of characters and new world concepts became a bit confusing at times.

  2. I wish this wasn’t tied into Countdown and Monarch because I would have read this as its own mini series. Its kind of like a DC’s take on a Marvel "What If?" story and its really good. I don’t know if it would be as good if I didn’t have my back ground knowledge of the Marvel universe.

    Its sucks if what we saw of Havok in Countdown (Universe of Earth – 51 is blown to bits by Monarch and everyone dies) is the last we see of him because that would be total crap.

  3. Did anyone else notice that they labeled this issue as #6 of 8 on the cover?

  4. I liked most of the backstories of the Extremists, but the Monarch/Ammericommando storyline was confusing and not really that good.  The ending was really hoaky with the room that negates everybody’s powers.  That being said, I wouldn’t mind reading future stories involving the Extremists.

  5. Who knew they could make Lord Havok a sympathetic character?  Not too bad.

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