Don’t miss this stand-alone, 5-issue miniseries from writer Si Spencer and red-hot artist Sean Murphy (JOE THE BARBARIAN) shipping twice in October!

When John Constantine is run over by a truck, it takes a little while for England’s nicotine-fueled magus to realize that he’s perched between life and death. After a few weeks of hospital rehab, Constantine find the London streets VERY different from when he left them behind as a series of occult murders and mutilations demands his attention. The common denominator points back to the ER where Constantine was admitted…

Written by SI SPENCER
Art and Covers by SEAN MURPHY

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Marking the 25th anni of Constantine, I haven’t read any of the recent Hellblazer stuff but I’ll give this a try – besides the art is sure to be amazing

  2. People have been telling me to try Hellblazer. Figure I’ll dive in with this issue and see what the fuss is about.

  3. I haven’t read a ton of the current Hellblazer but I did like some of Diggle’s stuff and this looks great. Constantine is one of my favorite characters and Murphy’s art is gorgeous!

  4. I’ve never bought a Constantine book before; picking this up purely for the Sean Murphy art. I hope it’s brilliant.

  5. Never read Constantine book before? Guys seriously, go to your shop on Wednesday/Thursday and order

    "John Constantine: HELLBLAZER – DANGEROUS HABITS" It’s written by Garth Ennis and is without a doubt not only the best Hellblazer arc ever, one of my favourite Vertigo titles of all time. It’s the arc where John tricks his way out of dying from cancer and is just a superb book!

     But yeah for sure, Murphy is going to be killing it! I’ll assume he is colouring it as well – can’t wait

  6. YOU PEOPLE ARE MAD!!! Hellblazer is amazing! I’m soooo excited to have 3 issues to read this month!

  7. I’m trying to cut down my single-issue purchases, and while this will be hard to resist (With Sean Murphy bringing the goods), I will have to wait for the trade on this.

  8. Where’s the last issue of Joe the barbarian!? Was this done before joe?

  9. Last issue of Joe drops in November (plenty of time to reread the first 7!)…My shop unfortunately didn’t order ANY of this so I will be waiting at least a week for this. I’m upset because this is the issue I was anticipating the most this week, plus I’m sure my shop could have sold out of these if they ordered them. Longest running Vertigo character with a superhot rising artist on a 5-issue mini for $2.99 an issue that is coming out bi-weekly, this book was born sell!! It will be nice though to buy issue #1 next week and have #2 waiting for me the week after…

  10. I was going to trade wait… well, slap my ass Sally! I skim, I buy.

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