In part two of “Kozaki,” both Sergius the pirate and the sadistic Shah Amurath decide to confront Conan’s group of bandits, who are encroaching upon their territories and threatening the outlying granaries, farms, and villages of the proud country of Turan. King Yildiz quickly orders the Shah to annihilate all Kozaki riders, and Sergius arranges a parley with our favorite Cimmerian. In a tense meeting, Sergius explains how commerce works around the Vilayet Sea and offers that their two imposing forces work together against the Shah. With those in Conan’s hungry crew growing wild and impatient, Conan’s not even sure how long he can keep his own men together — but he’ll slit the throat of any who try to defect!

“Best New Series of 2008” – Wizard magazine

“… writer Tim Truman is a perfect choice to adapt the oeuvre of Robert E. Howard into comics form.” – Comics Buyer’s Guide

Cover by Cary Nord and Dave Stewart!!

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tom

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  1. This run of "How Conan annihilated all his friends and compatriots" has been going on a bit long. I am not a huge fan of everything being told in flashback, it removes one from the story too much. There are no stakes. We know how it ends. On the other hand Giorello is back to doing all the art and it is lush and awesome.

  2. Flashback’s not bugging me too much.  I just wanted to comment and say that your Devourer of Souls icon is the coolest f-ing one I’ve seen on this site.  Kudos to you, sir.

  3. Yeah I kind of felt the flashback’s being beaten like a dead horse since the new series began – though if the flashback was all-Corben all the time, I’d love it.

  4. It warms my heart to see someone recognizes good ole Wraal, the Devourer of Souls. He was haunting the Marvel Conan comic when I started reading it many many moons ago and he has always been one of my favorite villains. Mess with him? He turns you into a larva and then eats you. You can’t ask for more.

  5. Yeah, the Devourer was one mean dude- he came around right around the tail end of a really good run of Conan the Barbarian.  Pretty much around the late 160s, when Fafnir’s with him, through when his buddy Kiev is turned into a gigantic green shag carpet monster, then the girl Tetra joins up with Conan and develops a serious crush on him, through all the stuff that goes down with the Devourer through issue 200- it all is pretty awesome reading that I remember very fondly.

    I go back a little further with Conan the Barbarian, I read the Conan-Belit issues from my older brother’s collection, and then got in myself on the early 100s.

  6. @Grandturk-I dropped Conan a couple of issues ago because I felt like I lost the main thread of the story, but if Corben came back to do flashbacks (or anything else), I would be back on this immediately.

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