Defying Yasmela’s orders, Conan sets himself on a runaway course that will end his time fighting with the combined forces of Amalric’s mercenaries, the Khorajan army, and Julion of Koth’s rebel soldiers. Our newest issue marks a turning point in Conan’s career as a sword for hire, when he and his comrades find themselves without work or direction. An old battle wound threatens the life of Amalric, the leader of the restless mercenaries, and the rekindled affair between Princess Yasmela and Prince Julion continues to enrage Conan — who must take action in order to save face.

This original tale explores events alluded to in Robert E. Howard’s Conan tales, taking place right after Dark Horse’s Black Colossus story arc and building to the birth of Conan’s “Free Companions”!

“Best New Series of 2008″ – Wizard magazine

” …writer Tim Truman is a perfect choice to adapt the oeuvre of Robert E. Howards into comics form.” – Comics Buyer’s Guide

Writer: Timothy Truman
Penciller: Tom

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  1. It is only crediting Giorello for pencils, but I would really surprised if Truman didn’t draw most of this (liked he did the last two). Love Giorello. Truman… Well, I love Giorello.

  2. Oh – I like Truman’s stuff alot – but I grew up reading him and Ostrander on Grimjack.

  3. I was being dismissive of Truman’s art, but you are right that he is actually quite talented. It is just a) he is not as talented as Giorello and b) his style is neither the rich, fanastic or moody, expressionistic styles that seem to work well with Conan. As far as his writing goes it has been solid to great, depending. His first Conan the Cimmerian arc (1-7?) with the Corben art was fantastic.

  4. Agreed on the Corben content.

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