Brian Wood and Vasilis Lolos’s “Border Fury” concludes, as the secret behind Conan’s impostor is revealed! Separated on Cimmeria’s frozen plains, Conan and Bêlit each fight handicapped while facing a deadly foe—Conan by the unexpected identity of his pretender and Bêlit by debilitating snow blindness!

* New artist Vasilis Lolos (Pixu)!

* The most acclaimed version of Conan in years!

Conan The Barbarian thus far has been the perfect example of how to make great comics.” —Comic Book Resources


Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Vasilis Lolos
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. New artist? well hopefully Conan doesn’t look like Michael Jackson this issue….oh goddammit it’s the same fucking artist as last time!

    • My thoughts exactly:), oh well, i think Declan Shelvey is on for the next arc.

    • I can deal with that.

    • Yeah, last issue the art was off a bit. I’ve never read a book with Shalvey art, but I have admired his work, and look forward to his version of Conan and Belit.
      On the bright side, the story is still keeping my interest, hopefully Conan teaches his doppleganger a lesson.

    • @adrian, @Turd ~ Check out Shalvey’s DeviantArt page if you get a chance. He’s got some Northlanders pages up there, (which seem like a good comparison to Wood’s Conan), and even his recent Thunderbolts pages look a little bit European/art house, in a good way. (I remembered him as more in the vein of Chris Samnee, but maybe I’m remembering wrong or his style is evolving…) Anyway, I’m excited to see his stuff – and hopefully they go back to one artist per arc.

  2. Haters gonna hate. I’m always stoked on this book.

    • Not hating, 3 out of 4 fantastic artists for a book ain’t bad. but yeah, Lolos’ art last issue was goofy looking.

    • Ain’t no hatin’ goin’ on here, son. This book is consistently awesome, and the art has been amazing (7 out of 8 times). I just don’t like Conan looking like a goddamn alien is all.

    • Lolos wasn’t my favorite either, though I thought the backgrounds were awesome. I just appreciate that Brian Woods and Dark Horse are taking some artistic risks bringing in fresh new talent and trying some new styles. Part of that risk means you’re going to have some fans not like everything but luckily the art talent is in rotation, pretty darn consistently awesome and so much better than playing it safe with your typical comic art style.

    • I really liked Lolos’ style last issue. I just thought he made some very strange choices with eyes and facial expressions (which I know was the biggest gripe in general). Stuff that kinda hindered the storytelling in parts. But like TZ said, hats off to Dark Horse for their choice in artists overall. I feel like this title & BPRD are a showcase for some of the best indie-ish mainstream artists around right now.

    • Given the fact that Wood has essentially ruined the character for me, I’m gonna hate. Northlander was emo Vikings, this is emo…uh…Hyberborean fantasy pre-history, I guess. Whatever it is, it’s unreadable.

    • If it’s unreadable, why are you reading it?

  3. So, that was a bit anti-climactic…right? I enjoy that the stories are reasonable in length (nothing 6 or 7 issues long) but I really think this story could have been another issue long. Also I thought the art was pretty solid this time.

  4. Took me a bit to adjust from Cloonan + I hate mid-arc switches, but I like Lolo’s art. I think it suits the tone of the book.

  5. Please tell me Belit gets lost in the snow forever.

  6. I really dug the fight scene here. It dealt a lot more with a psychological & personal aspect of Conan, which was a really nice surprise — I mean, this is Conan, after all; I expected some nice hack’n’slash, but this took it to a deeper & more enjoyable level. This series has yet to disappoint.

  7. I really enjoy this book every month. Not really into the art (Lolos), liked Cloonan & Harren better. Wish either one of them would return.

  8. Thought this was great. Belit’s blindness was horrifying. I like the story of these two, so hot and yet seems like an honest-to-goodness boyfriend / girlfriend relationship. Art was compelling this issue none of the weird faces from the previous issue. Potw.

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