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  1. now Ill be the first to admit i don’t follow Marvel that much, but weren’t these two events held last year and the yaer before? what is this story?

  2. House of M was Summer of 2005.  Civil War ended in early 2007.  This seems a little ridiculous to me.

  3. what the hell is this book?! I guess it’s for people who are nostaglic for the events of the last 2 years.

  4. This actually doesn’t have anything to do with Civil War.  The title is unfortunate, but it’s actually backstory about the alternate world created in House of M.  Could be cool.

  5. Could be, House of M Avengers was ok, I think I may try this one.

  6. I’m pretty sure Civil War has nothing to do with the event of the same name, but it’s just an appropriate title for what happens in this book. Honestly though, this does nothing for me.

  7. I do like the creative team on this. Gage is doing great work with Thunderbolts and his Avengers House of M was actually kind of cool. DiVito just draws the shit out of whatever he’s working on. Creative team alone is getting me to give this one a look.

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