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  1. This looks quite promising.  Cinderella has been underused recently.  I hope this mini does her character justice.

  2. I’m confident it will:)

  3. I havent read any Fables since the war, but i’m interested in this story.

  4. Does this take place after the crossover event, or is it out of continuity?  (I read Fables and jack in trade, so I try and avoid spoilers).

  5. It most definitely takes place before the Dark Ages and after the war, but whether it’s in continuity or not is still to be seen (although I’m guessing it doesn’t matter.)

  6. I would love to see this continue as an ongoing series. 

  7. That was a fun issue.

  8. Holy god this was one of the best Fables stories I’ve ever read. I’m not familiar with the creative team but now I feel like I should be. Definitely a front runner for POW. I’d recommend this to everyone, FABLES fan or not. I think this would be a great fantasy story for a preteen/early teen girl. Can’t wait until this gets collected. 5/5.

  9. I agree. This may turn out to be my pick as well.  That’s covers pretty fucking sweet too.

  10. I loved the cliffhanger.  It is fitting that this issue came out the same week they reran the #1’s Video Podcast.

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